Saturday, December 09, 2006

Chocolate Exhibition, San Francisco


I imagine you can rattle off all the good things about chocolate: the earthy, complex taste; the feel-good compounds so popular with women; the antioxidants and other healthy molecules in each bar.

But you might have a harder time describing all the bad things: child labor, impoverished farmers, the fallout of American economic imperialism. An exhibit running through February 17 at Intersection for the Arts promises to document the complex underbelly of the chocolate industry. Artist April Banks draws on her years of research and experience to create an exhibit that will inform you through artwork and stories.

I haven't been yet, but I plan to make time to head over. The chocolate industry embodies many of the issues with globalization and cavalier attitudes in developed countries about the plight of the Third World. I'm intrigued by anything that educates us and gives us the tools to make smart buying decisions. (My SFist colleague Mary went to the opening and wrote about her impressions.)

In addition to the exhibit, Intersection for the Arts will host a number of events and workshops. See the exhibit details for more information.