About This Site

Who Are You?
I'm Derrick Schneider, and I'm this site's publisher. My business card says "Writer * Programmer * Puzzle Designer"; that's a reasonable summary of my major activities.

My wife Melissa Schneider takes all the photos you see here, except for book cover art, and often does the food styling to get a good shot. She suggests ideas for posts and serves as my first reader. She's a key contributor to this site.

I write about food and wine for a variety of publications other than this blog, including The San Francisco Chronicle, Edible East Bay, The Wine News, and The Art of Eating. I also teach wine classes, privately and through UC Berkeley Extension.

By day, I'm a computer programmer. My resumé says "All-Purpose Programmer" but the realities of the market have made me a senior Java developer. I'm fond of mental exercises, with an emphasis on logic puzzles, word puzzles, and mechanical puzzles.

What's This Blog About?
Food and wine. I cover anything in those universes. I prefer handcrafted and artisanal foods, because those usually taste better. I'm a member of Slow Food, and The Art of Eating is my favorite food magazine. If you're familiar with either of those, you know my take on the food universe. If you're not familiar with them, you should be. I believe that our industrial agriculture system has created a wealth of problems and I figure it will in time go careening off the cliff of its own short-sightedness.

Where Are The Recipes?
You're a smart, talented person. I'm sure that you have good skills in the kitchen. If I describe a basic set of ingredients, perhaps outlining an unusual technique, I know you'll be able to make a tasty rendition of the dish, adjusting your ingredients to compensate for your tastes and what's at hand.

Are Those Your Pots?
Yes. But they're not that clean anymore.

Can I Use Your Post? Or Your Photos? For Free?
Probably not. But write and ask. If you want to pay me or Melissa money for our content, let me know.

Will You Link To Me?
If you write and ask and I don't know who you are? Probably not. But if you comment, I'll want to learn more about you and I'll visit your site. If I like it, I'll add a link to my blogroll.

Can I Send You Press Releases?
Sure. I'll often ignore them, but email's cheap, right? I'll respond if I feel the information is something my readers care about.

Can I Send You Something To Review?
Maybe. I take books and wine samples for review on this blog. I think there are a lot of problems with this system, especially with wine samples, and I'm happy to share my opinions with you, but I've accepted the reality.

For other items, you should probably ask. I will take samples of products that I think will interest my readers. But I won't waste my time or yours asking for a sample of a product that won't add value to my readers' lives.

I won't promise to write a review just because you send me something, and be warned that I might post a negative review.

When I'm on assignment for another publication, I follow its policies about samples.

How Do I Get An Ad On OWF?
I do not currently take ads.